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8 Ways To Increase Your AC Efficiency

April 11, 2022 | Blog

Heating and cooling systems can account for up to 70% of household energy use during the summer months, making them the largest energy consumers in most homes, according to the Department of Energy.

Fortunately, our team at Surgi’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing has some tips for you to save energy and get the most New Orleans air conditioning in your house as possible, without breaking the bank.

Here are some cost-effective ways to increase your air conditioner efficiency this season.

Regularly Change Air Filters

Air filters are responsible for circulating clean air from your unit into your home. Changing them every two to three months helps ensure dirty filters do not lower your indoor air quality and reduce airflow to the system. Without maximum airflow, your AC will work harder to operate, leading to lower efficiency rates and expensive repairs.

Close Doors, Cover Windows

Opening windows and doors to get fresh air inside is the quickest way to let cool air out. While your cooling system runs, keep doors, windows and curtains closed. This blocks out the heat of the day and preserves your cold air, especially when you are away. Limiting the amount of heat that enters your home makes it easier for your AC to maintain your set temperature.

Increase Thermostat Temperature

Adjusting the temperature on your thermostat by just a few degrees can make a huge impact on your energy usage. Setting your thermostat closer to the outdoor temperature lowers your utility bill and limits the strain put on your unit.

Programmable thermostats are a great way to adjust your home’s temperature. Whenever, wherever you are, you can raise the temperature from your phone to save extra energy. And, it will make sure your space is comfortable when you return.

Clean Indoor Vents

Air registers and vents also allow the greatest airflow to and from your unit. Keep each floor and ceiling vent open and remove anything that may block them, like furniture, blinds, toys or rugs.

Vacuuming and wiping down registers, freeing them of dust and dirt, helps maintain steady airflow. When they’re clogged, the HVAC system works harder to pull in and blow out air, significantly impacting its performance, energy usage and utility bill. Professional duct cleaning is a great way to remove any blockages you can’t see.

Clear Condensate Drain

Clogged condensate drain lines are a common cause of AC problems. They can be found either underneath indoor or outside condenser units, near the cooling coil.

Cleaning the line using one cup of chlorine bleach and rinsing with water will keep the drain clear. And if it is buried under dirt or mulch, free it. Clearing and preventing blockages ensures that your unit can operate efficiently and lowers the risk of future problems related to water drainage.

Clean Around Condenser Unit

Keeping your outdoor condenser unit and the area around it clean is a great way to maximize airflow and performance. Trim bushes, hedges and remove any debris that has accumulated within a two-foot radius. Cleaning the condenser can be tricky, so call a professional for in-depth assistance and to prevent damage.

If possible, provide shade for your system during the summer. The high temperature of metal sitting in direct sunlight can make your unit work harder to cool air. Shading it, without obstructing airflow, can also reduce wear and tear.

Insulate And Seal Air Leaks

Exposed ductwork may leak conditioned air into unconditioned parts of your home, like the attic or crawlspace. Poor insulation also allows the conditioned air to escape outdoors. Without proper insulation and sealed ductwork, your HVAC system will work twice as hard to maintain the temperature, leading to increased energy use and utility bills.

Professional technicians can detect any leaks during an inspection, determine the necessary repairs and seal or insulate them properly. This helps trap the cool air inside your home, so your air conditioner can function efficiently.

Schedule Annual AC Maintenance

Professional maintenance is one of the best ways to ensure broken parts do not impact your cooling unit’s operation, maximizing its long-term dependability. Annual tune-ups usually include an inspection, safety tests, cleaning, repairs and more to prolong the life and efficiency of your system. They also reduce the risk of breakdowns by catching minor issues before they become costly repairs.

To schedule preventative maintenance for your HVAC unit, call Surgi’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing! Serving New Orleans and the surrounding areas since 1964, our Ironclad Guarantees and licensed, experienced professionals aim to provide the highest-quality services in Southern Louisiana. Become a part of our SHIELD Membership Plan and contact us today!

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