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Do I Need An Electrician To Install A Ceiling Fan?

August 17, 2023 | Blog

Once you get an idea in your head, it can sometimes be hard to stop thinking about it. While it’s not impossible to install a ceiling fan on your own, it is better to have it installed by a professional at Surgi’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing. Here are a few reasons why you should let our licensed electricians install your ceiling fan.

Why A Professional Electrician Should Install Your Fan

With years of experience and extensive training, an electrician can guarantee a safe and efficient installation process for your ceiling fan. There are a few notable advantages to having a professional install this device in your home.

They Have Electrical Knowledge

You likely do not know everything about handling electrical parts and components. There are many steps and safety measures you need to be aware of before you can think about installing a fan on your own. It is better to have a safe and working ceiling fan rather than one that has the potential to fall at any given moment.

Lowers The Risk Of Electrical Injury

Electrical wires can be very deceiving. They may look like they’re in the right places, but a faulty connection can shock or electrocute you as a result. Many people have suffered from these kinds of deceptive wires. Not only can you injure yourself, but you can also injure those around you.

Additionally, a spark from an improperly connected wire can end up causing a fire. If not controlled quickly, the situation can become more serious a lot faster.

Reduces The Possibility Of Ceiling Damage

Most ceiling fan installations require a hole to be created in your ceiling. Without the right precision and measurements, this process can get disastrous quickly. The long-term effects of ceiling damage can become costly, causing issues in the future.

Benefits Of Having An Electrician Install A Ceiling Fan

Installing an electrical ceiling fan should not be a hard task to do. For an easy installation experience, you should call us over at Surgi’s for the best New Orleans electrical team. A few benefits of having us install your fan include:

Electricians Understand Wiring

There is such a thing as joining incompatible wires together. With our trained professionals, you do not need to stress over trying to figure out which wire goes with what. After letting us know where you want the appliance installed, you can let a professional handle the technicalities.

They Undergo Extensive Training

Electricians install and replace many devices throughout their careers. The Surgi’s team undergoes thorough training to ensure your home and your family are in safe hands.

You’ll Have A Balanced Fan

Some ceilings do not have reliable structural support. This makes it very difficult to install an electrical fan on your own. Weak plaster can cause the device to become wobbly. If it’s imbalanced, it can also have a high risk of falling. Our professionals are trained to combat any hurdle to ensure you have a functioning fan.

A Professional Has The Right Equipment

Our professionals come with all the equipment needed to perform a reliable installation. There is no need to go out and scavenge to find the things needed for a DIY installation. Between wire cutters, strippers and testing equipment, it can cost you more than hiring a professional.

Electrical Fan Installation You Can Count On

Surgi’s Heating, Cooling & Plumbing provides award-winning services to homes in New Orleans and surrounding areas. Our team is here to serve you! Leave the maintenance stress and electrical services to our professionals. Contact us today to schedule your next installation service!

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